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February 19, 2020 VP, US. West Sales Matt Brennan Season 1 Episode 13
Ping - A Podcast
Tip of the Spear
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We started our conversation with a focus on cloud services and a specific Office 365 red flag that came up at the end of last year: a spearphishing campaign. But the more we spoke with SonicWall’s Matt Brennan, we learned why spearphishing campaigns – and the related business email compromise – may be the most lucrative form of attack for hackers through a couple of real-life examples. Not to worry though, we also talked about how to stop these attacks and learned about how SonicWall’s Cloud App Security can help.

Read Matt’s recent blog post about the O365 spearphishing campaign, and learn more about Cloud App Security on our blog, and on episode 1 of Ping.

Our cyber security headlines discussed on the episode include:

Emotet Malware Now Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Infect New Victims

500 Malicious Chrome Extensions Impact Millions of Users

The 2020 Census Could be the Next Big Hacking and Disinformation Target

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Topic Intro - Cloud/Spearphishing
Interview - Spearphishing - Matt Brennan, SonicWall
Cyber Security Headlines
Story 1 - Emotet Targets WiFi
Story 2 - Bad Chrome Extensions
Story 3 - Census Cybersecurity
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