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Hospitals & Healthcare Under Attack

November 04, 2020 Vibbert, SonicWall Season 1 Episode 32
Ping - A Podcast
Hospitals & Healthcare Under Attack
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A broad federal warning outlines how hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country are in the crosshairs of a wave of ransomware attacks. To discuss this unprecedented coordinated threat, we welcome SonicWall's Barbara Vibbert, who provides context on the variety of vulnerabilities healthcare organizations face, why a successful attack can be so devastating, and what can be done to improve hospital and healthcare cybersecurity.

See Barbara's recent blog post on the subject:

In cyber headlines, we discuss a major hotel chain facing a fine for a breach, the astronomical numbers of email attacks a well-known organization deals with day to day, and the top cybersecurity career opportunities in the U.S. for the coming years.

See the cyber news stories:

Marriott fined 18.4 million pounds by UK watchdog over customer data breach

The BBC experiences 250,000 malicious email attacks per day

What are the fastest growing cybersecurity skills in 2021

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Featured Topic: Healthcare Attack Warning
Interview - Barbara Vibbert, SonicWall
Cybersecurity Headlines
Story 1 - Marriott Breach Fine
Story 2 - BBC Email Threats
Story 3 - Cyber Careers in Demand
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