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Black Friday Becomes Cyber November 2020

November 18, 2020 Lohrmann Season 1 Episode 33
Ping - A Podcast
Black Friday Becomes Cyber November 2020
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In a year unlike any other, holiday shoppers are dealing with changes as well. The tradition of a one-day Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) sale, has been replaced with a month-long drip of deals. Our guest Dan Lohrmann dubs this COVID-19-related change, "Cyber November." On this episode, Dan discusses why things have gone even more online than inline, and why that may lead to new cybersecurity concerns. He also goes over some tips for safe online shopping, and even touches on how the 2020 election went when it comes to security.

You can find Dan's article on the holiday shopping season here:
And follow him on Twitter @govcso.

In our Ransomware Reckoning segment, we highlight an attack against Capcom, maker of Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and more - and how the Japanese video game company made the best of a bad situation.

Then, it's on to cyber news headlines, with stories on cybersecurity for tax pros & the financial sector, and even a warning about network security in space!

Here are the headlines:

Why Cybersecurity Should Mean Everything to Every Tax Pro

Check Please: Adding Up the Costs of a Financial Data Breach

Op-Ed: Space System Cybersecurity Challenges Ahead - Translating Policy to Practice

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Interview - Dan Lohrmann
Ransomware Reckoning - Capcom
CyberSecurity Headlines
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Story 2 - Financial Breach Costs
Story 3 - Cybersecurity - in Space!
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