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Predicting 2021 Cyber Threats

December 02, 2020 Laliberte, WatchGuard Season 1 Episode 34
Ping - A Podcast
Predicting 2021 Cyber Threats
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The cyber threats of this year aren't going away when the calendar flips to 2021. They'll just continue to evolve. For a primer on the online hazards you can expect next year, we welcome back WatchGuard's Marc Laliberte, who - along with his team - has released a set of 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions. We start off by looking back at WatchGuard's 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions and how the pandemic influenced their outcomes. Then, we discuss why the remote work dangers we've seen this year are only the beginning, and the desperate need for multifactor authentication. Finally, Marc tells us why to think twice before charging your electric car just anywhere.

See the 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions here:

In our Ransomware Reckoning segment, we highlight an attack that closed schools in Baltimore beyond Thanksgiving.

Then, it's on to cyber news headlines, with stories on cyber threats facing home users, another cyber crime bust, and cyberbiosecurity.

Here are the headlines:

Cybersecurity report: Average household hit with 104 threats each month

Three Arrested for Cybercrime Operation Targeting 150 Countries

This new cyberattack can dupe DNA scientists into creating dangerous viruses and toxins  

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Topic Intro - Predicting Cyber Threats
Interview - Marc Laliberte, WatchGuard
Ransomware Reckoning - Baltimore
Cybersecurity Headlines
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Story 2 - BEC Bust
Story 3 - DNA Cyber Attack
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