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Psychology & Cyber Crisis Response

February 17, 2021 McKeown Season 1 Episode 39
Ping - A Podcast
Psychology & Cyber Crisis Response
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Employees can either be your first line of defense or your greatest cybersecurity vulnerability if they’re unprepared to deal with online threats. But what’s the best way to prepare them? We talk to Rebecca McKeown, an independent Chartered Psychologist and special advisor to Immersive Labs, for some answers. 

Rebecca specializes in Cognitive Readiness, which helps prepare people to respond in a crisis, like a cyber attack for instance. We discuss how regular, ongoing training (aka micro-drilling) along with after action follow-ups, is the most effective method of improving crisis response, and how it’s an even more effective tool in our current remote work environment. Plus much more on the psychology of crises and challenges of working from home.

In our headlines segment, Andrew & Kevin discuss the top 25 companies most commonly used in phishing emails, the people most likely to be phished (watch out Australia), and the India/Kashmir conflict going cyber.

See the stories:

The Top 25 Most Phished Brands

Hybrid, Older Users Most-Targeted by Gmail Attackers

Military, Nuclear Entities Under Target By Novel Android Malware

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Topic Intro: Psychology and Crisis Response
Interview - Rebecca McKeown
CyberSecurity Headlines
Story 1 - Phishing Brands Top 25
Story 2 - Phishing Targets
Story 3 - Kashmir, Pakistan Nuclear Malware
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