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Network Spring Cleaning

March 03, 2021 Mercho Season 1 Episode 40
Ping - A Podcast
Network Spring Cleaning
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Spring has sprung - or at least is springing - in many areas, and a major tradition of the season is spring cleaning. And just like you decide which boxes to keep and which ones to dump from your home, your network needs a similar evaluation. How old is your equipment? Does it still do all you need it to? Do you need a few tweaks, or a whole new setup? Director of Sales Anthony Mercho tells us what you factors to consider when evaluating your network, from the age of your equipment to changes in your organization, to improvements in technology.

We also discuss getting back into the office with the hopefully coming soon drawdown of the pandemic, and what settings you may need to revisit when turning back to an in office or hybrid environment rather than exclusively work from home. Oh, and there's lots of WiFi 6, too.

In headlines, hear about Congress taking a closer look at the SolarWinds hack and the lessons learned from it, why zero trust should take over, and the aftermath of the water system attack in Florida.

See the stories:

Congress confronts US cybersecurity weaknesses in wake of SolarWinds hacking campaign

NSA, Microsoft promote a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity

After Oldsmar attack, Nikki Fried calls for Florida cybersecurity update

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Intro - Spring Cleaning
Interview - Anthony Mercho
CyberSecurity Headlines
Story 1 - Congress & SolarWinds
Story 2 - Zero Trust
Story 3 - Water Breach
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