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Safe Harbor & More Cybersecurity Laws

March 31, 2021 Brumfield, Metacurity Season 1 Episode 42
Ping - A Podcast
Safe Harbor & More Cybersecurity Laws
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Cybersecurity laws are somewhat in their infancy in the U.S., but states are starting to get on board. Our guest Cynthia Brumfield, creator of the Metacurity newsletter and writer of all things cyber, tells us about states getting on board with liability protection for companies that take reasonable actions to secure themselves against threats. What's reasonable and what kind of safe harbor protections will states provide in court? What about data protection laws? And how does the Biden Administration plan to address cybersecurity regulations? We discuss all that and more.

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In our headlines segment, we discuss a trio of ransomware stories, from a cyber insurance firm's targeting, to an inside look at a ransomware attack, to a ransomware cell gone straight.

See the stories:

Policyholders may be the primary target in hack of cyber insurance provider CNA 

FatFace pays out $2 million to Conti ransomware gang 

Ransomware admin is refunding victims their ransom payments 

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Featured Topic - Cyber Laws
Interview - Cynthia Brumfield
Cybersecurity Headlines
Story 1 - Cyber Insurance for Ransom
Story 2 - FatFace Ransomware
Story 3 - Ransom Refund
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