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DarkSide Pipeline Cyber Attack & More News

May 12, 2021 Season 1 Episode 45
Ping - A Podcast
DarkSide Pipeline Cyber Attack & More News
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In the latest case of real world implications stemming from a cyber attack, operations of the Colonial Pipeline, supplying almost half of the gasoline to the east coast of the U.S., stopped suddenly. Why? Colonial was the victim of a ransomware attack connected to the DarkSide group. We dissect the details of the attack, how it happened, what it means, how Russia may factor in, and when things might return to normal in a supersized headlines segment.

Also in headlines, hear about newly discovered vulnerabilities in IoT and OT devices thanks to Microsoft threat hunters, and how one UK company's phishing email training simulation couldn't have gone more wrong.

See the stories:

Colonial pipeline hack claimed by Russian group DarkSide spurs emergency order from White House 

Microsoft Discovers 25 Critical Vulnerabilities in IoT Security Affecting Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Other Devices, SDKs and Libraries

Train firm’s ‘worker bonus’ email is actually cybersecurity test

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Story 1 - DarkSide Pipeline Ransomware Attack
Story 2 - IOT, OT Vulnerability
Story 3 - Phishing Test Gone Wrong
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