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Cyber Crime as Terrorism, Plus Ransomware Updates

May 26, 2021 Schroeder & Trey Herr - Atlantic Council, Lance Whitney - writer Season 1 Episode 46
Ping - A Podcast
Cyber Crime as Terrorism, Plus Ransomware Updates
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We're fortunate to have two excellent interviews to share on this episode of Ping. First, we discuss the op-ed Cyber Security as Counter-Terrorism: Seeking a Better Debate ( with co-authors Emma Schroeder and Trey Herr with the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative. They suggest the way many view cyber crime as being single, major catastrophic events is wrong, when in reality cyber crime is similar to real-world terrorism, with an ongoing landscape of danger. Hear some tips they offer to better address vulnerabilities and reframe the conversation.

Then, in lieu of our regular headlines segment, we welcome writer and former IT pro Lance Whitney to discuss the status of the DarkSide ransomware group following the Colonial Pipeline attack, plus a ransomware warning to healthcare organizations shared by the FBI. And finally, we touch on a consumer caution - the practice of vishing - or voice phishing - and how Amazon orders are being used for evil.

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Interview - Cyber Crime as Terrorism - Emma Schroeder & Trey Herr
Interview 2 - Cybersecurity headlines - Lance Whitney
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