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eXtending Network Security

June 23, 2021 Chen, Sophos Season 1 Episode 48
Ping - A Podcast
eXtending Network Security
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The network perimeter basically no longer exists, and the latest security solutions need to account for the new normal. Aaron Chen and Shane Davis with Sophos join us to talk about how the network security landscape has changed just in the last couple of years, new business cybersecurity and connectivity priorities, and the latest Sophos products that address them, including XDR (extended detection and response) and the XGS firewall series - along with the Xstream protection included within.

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In headlines, we talk US government action on cybersecurity, businesses willing to pay the ransom if attacked, and a nuclear North Korean cyber attack.

See the stories:

Biden Sets Red Line for Putin Over Ransomware Attacks

Senators draft bill that would require many entities to report cyber breaches within 24 hours 

60% of Businesses Would Consider Paying a Ransomware Demand 

North Korea Exploited VPN Flaw to Hack South's Nuclear Research Institute

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Intro - Extending Network Security
Interview - Aaron Chen & Shane Davis, Sophos
Cybersecurity Headlines
Story 1 - US Cyber Action
Story 2 - Businesses willing to pay up
Story 3 - North Korea Nuclear Hack
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