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50th Episode Spectacular - And Headlines, Too

July 21, 2021 Season 1 Episode 50
Ping - A Podcast
50th Episode Spectacular - And Headlines, Too
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We've turned 50, as in 50 episodes old, yet cybersecurity hasn't aged a day since we started. Ok, maybe that's not true. We take a look back over our half a hundred's worth of podcasts, spotlighting some top clips, and seeing where things stand with them now. Highlights include a pre-pandemic prediction of work from home security issues, our first covid-19 Pod from Home, an update on diversity issues in cybersecurity careers, an update on ransomware relating to hospitals and beyond, and a check-in on cyber policy under President Biden. Plus we throw in a little Christmas in July clip to warm your hearts.

In headlines, we discuss a scam targeting ecommerce stores involving fraudulent returns, a trove of spyware data connected to an Israeli firm, and China called out for the recent Microsoft Exchange hack.

See the stories:

Return Scams Jump as Fraudsters Exploit E-commerce Boom 

Leaked NSO Group Data Hints at Widespread Pegasus Spyware Infections

U.S. and global allies blame China for widespread cybercrime, including massive Microsoft Exchange hack

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And before we close the episode, we drop in a little thank you to all our guests on the first 50 Ping Podcast episodes. We appreciate them and you for listening!

Looking Back on 50
Cyber Security Headlines
Story 1 - Return Fraud
Story 2 - Pegasus Spyware rampant
Story 3 - China blamed for Exchange hack
Thanks to previous guests
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