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Updating 2021 Cyber Threats

August 04, 2021 Chelmo, SonicWall Sr. Product Marketing Manager Season 1 Episode 51
Ping - A Podcast
Updating 2021 Cyber Threats
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Ransomware takes center stage in SonicWall's Mid-Year Update to its 2021 Cyber Threat Report. Out in late July, the report outlines just how bad the ransomware situation currently is, and Brook Chelmo joins us to take a closer look. We also discuss other highlights including positive news about malware in general and non-standard ports, as well as never before seen threat detection.

Get your hands on the report here:

In headlines, we go over a controversial newish online tool, the rebirth(?) of some popular ransomware cells, and harassment in cyber careers.

Here are the stories:

A Controversial Tool Calls Out Thousands of Hackable Websites

BlackMatter & Haron: Evil Ransomware Newborns or Rebirths 

One third of cybersecurity workers have faced harassment at work or online - this initiative aims to stamp it out 

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Featured Topic - SonicWall Cyber Threat Update
Interview - Brook Chelmo, SonicWall
Cyber Security Headlines
Story 1 - PunkSpider
Story 2 - Ransomware Rebirths?
Story 3 - Cyber Career Harassment
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