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Chaos and Friends: The One With Malware

August 18, 2021 Seals, Threatpost Season 1 Episode 52
Ping - A Podcast
Chaos and Friends: The One With Malware
Show Notes

While ransomware has taken center stage for several months now, bad actors aren’t resting on their laurels with existing tools. Threatpost Senior Editor Tara Seals joins us to discuss a newly discovered malware, dubbed Chaos. We talk about what it resembles, what it may do, and why you should be worried. Plus, Tara tells us why the Friends reunion special led to a spike in online fraud.

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In headlines, we discuss a guilty plea for SIM swapping, a data breach affecting T-Mobile, and some troubling password numbers.
 Here are the stories:
Hacker Pleads Guilty to SIM Swapping Attacks, Cryptocurrency Theft

T-Mobile investigating claims of customer data breach

Most employees reusing personal passwords to protect corporate data

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