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Public-Private Partnership on Cyber Security Policy

September 01, 2021 Baksh, NextGov Season 1 Episode 53
Ping - A Podcast
Public-Private Partnership on Cyber Security Policy
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We previewed cyber security policy under President Biden at the beginning of 2021. But a lot of big things have happened in cybersecurity since then, making now seem a pretty good time to check in on where things stand. So we brought in an expert to help: NextGov's Mariam Baksh. Mariam tells us about the latest developments from the White House relating to cyber policy, including what may really make a difference versus what actions could just be for show. She also discusses why the NIST framework is getting a revisit, the involvement of private industry in the latest policy directions, and more. 

Read more from Mariam: And find her on the Critical Update podcast:

In headlines, we follow up with more from the T-Mobile data breach, talk about Apple and its privacy compromise, and discuss another ransomware cell calling it quits.
 Here are the stories:
Updating the T-Mobile Data Breach Story

Apple Just Traded Your Privacy for $15 Billion

Diabolical Ransomware Gang Calls It Quits

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Featured Topic - Cyber Policy Update
Featured Topic - Cyber Policy Update
Interview - Mariam Baksh, NextGov
Cybersecurity Headlines
Story 1 - T-Mobile Breach
Story 2 - Apple Privacy
Story 3 - Ransomware Cell Ragnarok
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