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Trust No One: Exploring Zero-Trust Networks

September 29, 2021 Newton, Fortinet Season 1 Episode 55
Ping - A Podcast
Trust No One: Exploring Zero-Trust Networks
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Zero-trust is the hot term in network security in 2021.  But one reason it's so highly sought out is that many don't know exactly what it means. We called on Fortinet Senior Director of Product Marketing Peter Newton to shed some light on the subject. Peter discusses what makes a zero-trust network philosophy, what steps a company should take to plan for the shift, and what tools can make it easier. Plus, we talk about how the right zero-trust setup makes remote work both easier and more secure simultaneously.

Read Peter's blog article on the subject: 

In the news, we cover some REvil drama, a new finger pointing at Russia, and states' troubles filling cybersecurity jobs.

See the headlines:

REvil Affiliates Confirm : Leadership Were Cheating Dirtbags 

EU 'denounces' Russian malicious cyber activity aimed at member states 

States at disadvantage in race to recruit cybersecurity pros

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Intro - Zero Trust
Interview - Fortinet's Peter Newton
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Story 1 - REvil Drama
Story 2 - EU warns Russia on Cyber
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