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From Vulnerability to Execution: A Ransomware Story

October 13, 2021 Gangwer, Sophos Season 1 Episode 56
Ping - A Podcast
From Vulnerability to Execution: A Ransomware Story
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Ransomware infections have been rampant in recent months. But typically, we hear more about the aftermath then what leads to a successful attack. In this episode we get the other angle. Sophos VP of Managed Threat Operations Mat Gangwer shares the multi-week story of an attack, from unpatched vulnerability to execution. The responsible ransomware cell? A new name on the scene called Atom Silo. Hear how they got in, what they did when they were there, and what steps to take to avoid a similar fate.

Here's the full story of this attack:

In the news, we cover a couple of very high profile cyber incidents - the Facebook/Instagram/Whats App outage and the Twitch breach. Plus we discuss burnout among cybersecurity pros.

See the headlines:

Facebook apologizes for second outage in a week, services back up

10 Biggest Revelations from the Unprecedented Twitch Leak

Your cybersecurity team will face burnout, and you need to help

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Featured Topic: A Ransomware Story
Interview: Mat Gangwer, Sophos
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Story 1 - Facebook Down
Story 2 - Twitch Breach
Story 3 - Cyber Burnout
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